Cabinet Refinishing

Have your cabinets begun to look old and worn? Does it seem like your cabinets have lost their luster? Even the most gorgeous cabinets eventually fade a bit after years of use. You don’t have to get all new cabinets, however. Vertex Painting also offers cabinet refinishing to bring new life to your cabinets.

For a refinish, we generally remove all doors and drawers; mask, clean, and degrease all surfaces; repair all doors and frames; then repair, seal, lightly sand, and finish the wood with many coats of an excellent, high quality clear coat.

For our clients whose cabinets just don’t fit in with their recently updated floors or countertops, we can easily transform good quality cabinets with an appropriate colour using the same scope of work as a straight refinish and applying General Finishes stain.

  • Quick project estimate at the site
  • Experts in construction of residential and commercial projects
  • Professional workforce with an eye for detail
  • Highly competitive rates and no job is too small
  • Final inspections and approvals done at the end of every project

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